journey without destination

journey without destination

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Customer Service Management

Customer Services Management
Customer Communication Skills for the Finance, Banking and Insurance Industry

Process transaction with customers in the finance, banking and insurance environment


Group members:
1.     Mohd. Najid bin Mohd Zain
2.     Muhamad. Badrul Nizam bin Jusoh
3.     Mohd. Zulhilmi bin Abd. Aziz
4.     Saidah Sakinah bt Mohd Tajudin
5.     Rokzana Raihanah bt Awang
6.     Nur Hazwani bt Abd. Aziz
7.     Noor Adilah bt Mohd. Mizan
8.     Marhamah bt  Mokhtar
9.     Fauziah bt  Abd. Ghani

This conversation is between Mr. Ahmad and Ms.Rokzana Raihanah at 1Malaysia Bank. En. Ahmad wants to know about internet banking service that has been provided by the bank. As a customer service, Miss. Rokzana tries to help Mr. Ahmad regarding the service.

Bank officer: Good morning sir. How may I assist you?
Customer:      Good morning. I would like to know more about internet banking  
           service that has been provided by this bank.
Bank officer: I understand. Please be seated, sir. Have you ever been using internet banking
                      service before?
Customer:      No. I haven’t. That’s why I would like to know about it. Moreover, I already
                       have an active account with this bank.
Bank officer: I see. As you already have an account, it will be much easier.
Costumer:      What are the services that I can get with the internet banking service?
Bank officer: I would like to inform you that it is much convenient way to manage your
                      business or work via internet banking service because you can do it anywhere at
                      anytime, you want.
Customer:      Really? Please tell me more about it!
Bank officer: For example, you can make your bills payment via internet banking. You can
                      save time because you don’t need to go to the post office or any kiosk
                      to make the payment.
Customer:      What about the services? Can I make a transaction to the other bank account?
Bank officer: Yes, absolutely. The transaction also can be made. If you would like to transfer
                       your money to the other account from other bank, you’ll be charge only RM 2
                       for every transaction.
Customer:      If it that so, I would like to register for the internet banking service.
Bank officer: Ok sir. Can I have your bank card, sir?
Customer:      Yes, sure. There you go.
Bank officer: Thank you. Please wait for awhile, sir. I need to get your account number.
Customer:      Ok. Take your time.
Bank officer: Sir, could you follow me to the ATM?
Customer:      Yes, of course.
Bank officer: Sir, you need to make a registration for 6 digits I PIN to login.
Customer:      Could you help me with it?.
Bank officer: Just follow the steps that is written in the paper that I have  gave you                
Customer:      Ok. (Pressing the number). Like this? Am I doing the right?
Bank officer: Yes. After you’re done with it, you must make a confirmation by repeating the
                       same method.
Customer:      Ok. Now, I’ve done
Bank officer: Please follow me to the computer, sir. You’ll need to make your first login to
ensure your registration is successful. Besides that, you need to create an ID and password to

login to your account.
Customer:      So easy and fast. I’m delighted.
Bank officer: Thank you, sir. Now, please insert your Id and password, sir.
Customer:      Ok. What if i forget these things?
Bank officer: Don’t worry, sir. You can always make new Id and password. Just follow the
                      instruction given.
Customer:      Ok. I get it.
Bank officer: You are already online, sir. You can start to use internet banking service.
Customer:      So that’s how it works. Thank you very much.
Bank officer: You’re welcome. Please enjoy our internet banking service, sir. Have a nice

Miss Wong was interested to own a credit card after seeing one of the advertisements about the card. Due to that she went to the 1Malaysia Bank to get information and makes application. With the help of the customer service, she managed to get the credit card within 4 days.

Cs        : Hi, good morning miss. Welcome to 1Malaysia Bank.
 C         : Hi, good morning.
Cs        : How may I assist you, miss…?
C          : I’m Wong Mui Hui...just call me Miss Wong.
Cs        : Yes Miss Wong, how can i assist you Miss Wong?
C          : I would like to apply for credit card facility. Could you tell me more about this, please.
Cs        : Certainly, I will be more than glad to assist you Miss Wong. Please have a sit first.
C          : Ok, thank you.
Cs        : Ok Miss Wong, first may I know how old are you, your occupation and your salary?
C          : I’m 25 years old, I’m a doctor, and my income per month is RM5000.
Cs        : Great, to apply for credit card, the person must be 21 years old and above and earn income at least minimum RM18000 per year. I would suggest you to apply for gold credit card, this is because your salary is receivable to apply for this type of credit card.
C          : Oh, really? so...what are the documents needed to support my application?
Cs        : You will only have to submit your photocopy of identical card, latest income tax statement, bank statements, and your previous month pay slips. Do you have an account in this bank?
C          : Yes, I is a saving account.
Cs        : That’s great!! You are also available to apply for it even though you not have it.
C          : Oh...could you please explain me more about how the credit card works?
Cs        : Definitely!! Once you have a credit card, you may use it at any merchant, locally or internationally. We will send you monthly statement about your details purchase and the total out standing balance. You are advised to settle the bills at least for minimum repayment amount by the due date.
C          : What will happen if I will not be able to settle the repayment by the due date?
Cs        : I recommend you to do the payment on time Miss Wong, this is to avoid the inconvenience, hence minimized unnecessary charge imposed on you.
C          : Is there any fee I need to pay?
Cs        : Yes, you have to pay join fee, it is a one time joining fee. There is also annual fee, RM 30- RM 95 for gold, and also finance or interest fee if you do the late repayment from the due date.
C          : Where can I do the payment? Is bank the only place that I can do the payment?
Cs        : Not necessarily here, you can also do the payment at ATM, Internet Banking or Autodebit.
C          : Oh, I see, It will be easier for me then...what about security system? Can you explain how the security system is work?
Cs        : You will be given personal identification number (PIN) for security purpose. Don’t worry, this PIN number will be send separately from the credit card. You must use this PIN number to make cash advance with credit card at ATMs. You must remember this PIN number, and don’t let other people knows about it and don’t write it at the back of the credit card or anywhere else. You must memorize it because it is private and confidential.
C          : How long it will take for me to get the card?
Cs        : If your application is success, a registered email will be sent to you and you are requested to collect it here, this is for security purpose, and you application will be process within 4 or 5 working days.
C          : Wow, now I understand about the credit card. Thanks a lot miss…Adilah.
Cs        : You are most welcome. I hope you will get the clear image about it. This is the form that you must fill in and submit to us, please read and understand the term and conditions before you signing the agreement miss Wong.
C          : Sure, I will...I really appreciate your information. Thank you so much.
Cs        : I am happy to assist you, is there anything else I can do for you miss?
C          : No, that’s all...hope to see you again.
Cs        : Yes, have a nice day miss.

Thanks to my group